Cape Cod Burials at Sea

Bringing your loved one to rest in the eternal serenity of the ocean. Cape Cod Burials At Sea, offers affordable memorial services off the coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Our U.S. Coast Guard licensed Captain and crew conduct a dignified, caring memorial service that can be customized to suite your wishes.

The service may be unattended or attended by as many as forty people. The captain will respectfully conduct the ceremony. If preferred, a family member or other designated guest may conduct part of, or the entire ceremony.

We will gladly play any music or recite any poems or prayers you desire. (You provide the cassette tape or CD)

We offer a selection of floral remembrances to be laid upon the sea as part of the ceremony. If you prefer to supply your own flowers, please remember that anything placed at sea must be completely biodegradable. i.e. No coated wires or non-degradable ribbons etc.

A commemorative certificate indicating the date, time and exact latitude and longitude of the ceremony is available upon request. If you would like, we can also video tape or take still photos of the ceremony for you.

Our new vessel, the LIBERTY, is a 46 foot power yacht.<br />  <a href="">Click Here for pictures and details</a>!
Our new vessel, the LIBERTY, is a 46 foot power yacht.

Click Here for pictures and details!